Monday, July 09, 2012

I was enjoying my morning coffee and thinking about a new chapter or two when I realized I hadn't checked the status of the book. A quick check told me the numbers look good but then I noticed there were no reviews posted by readers. I wondered out loud about whether this was a good thing. Margie, always the voice of reason, asked me when I last reviewed a book after I read it.

Good point Margie.

That got me to thinking about how I look for reviews when I purchase a book. I realized the vast majority of people who buy books don't leave reviews. As an author, I look for the reviews, both good and bad, to help me understand how my book is enjoyed (or not) by my readers.

I think I'll take a few minutes and give a couple of books I just finished feedback. Then I'll feel a little better about begging my readers for reviews.

Margie and her logic. At least I have someone to blame for my writing procrastination today. Look out, Damnit- it's your turn tomorrow. At least when I blame the dog, she doesn't hide the coffee.

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