Sunday, July 15, 2012

I spent last night watching traffic. Sheepdogs know traffic is the backbone of police work. Sheepdogs also know watching traffic is boring.

I thought about my last DUI stop. A simple headlight out but the driver owned both lanes of the road in the short time between when I hit my lights and got him to stop. Luckily, no one was in the oncoming lane A few minutes later, the driver was on his way for a blood test. And so it is with traffic stops. Every one is different, every on is an experience, every one a new bit of energy for my writing

I write some of my stories based on my experiences as a sheepdog. Others, I conjure up from bits and pieces of experiences I've had, building until I have a story to tell. Some of my best stories come from the most inane calls I've taken and others have their roots in my life as a business person.

Others come from experiences I've had with neighborhood groups and even things I've done to make my neighborhood safer. For example, I noticed a pile of trash in a secluded spot in the neighborhood. Kids pulled their cars in and left their garbage behind.

 I grabbed my weed whacker, a clipper and a garbage bag. I cleaned the garbage, trimmed the bushes and cleared the weeds. Now, the neighbors have a clear view of the spot and can call the police when there's suspicious activity there.

But what bothered me about the cleanup was the contents of the garbage. Tiny bags used for marijuana, wrappers for cigars that are commonly hollowed out and filled with marijuana and the requisite fast food wrappers filled the bag but there were other items, paraphernalia of more serious drug use.

This is my neighborhood, where my kids play and my neighbors' kids play.  My simple cleanup took on a more ominous role- instead of cleaning garbage, I found myself fixing a broken window of sorts. In other words, I was making it uncomfortable for the wolves to hang around our meadow.

Wolves like signs of weakness. In neighborhoods, broken windows, weeds, neglect, garbage are all signs to wolves that people don't care. When people don't care, they don't call for help and wolves can roam at will.

Not on my watch.

I feel better knowing that problem is resolved. Somehow, that incident will make it into an upcoming story. I'm sure Detective Mackay can relate to my problems. We're both sheepdogs and our meadow is our domain. No sheep shall be harmed if we can help it.

Be safe. There are wolves out there.

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