Saturday, January 31, 2015

In for an inch, in for a foot....

Last week, I stared intently at my laptop, iPad and phone, intent on discerning the latest data on the storm of the century. I read the posts, followed the models and maps- I even stocked up on ice melt. The snow began and I drove around in my four wheel drive patrol vehicle with a huge smile.

The snow was here!

And then I checked the latest forcast. The snow was, well, evaporating into a wedge of dry air.

Twelve inches became two fluffy inches of coulda-been. I called in the public works trucks- they were on hold until they could drop their plows and with so much snow expected, the plan was to bring them in at three inches, since they'd be on the road for the duration of the storm. With a storm expected to last twenty hours, these guys needed their rest- or so we thought.

So much for the best-laid plans of officers and public works crews.

A couple of hours later, the plows were locked in the "up" position, the spreader units had distributed the mixture of salt and anti-skid that would keep traffic moving and the pristine, white snow was turning a chocolate-brown as the traffic mixed the slurry that slowly burned the snow away.

Dejected, I cleaned off my truck and headed home. Another snow bust. Back at the house, I watched the video from Boston and the New England area. Margie related her friend Natasha's observations of feet of snow from her deck in Connecticut. Natasha was always a tease.

I swear I'll never believe a forecast again. I'm done with the hype. Never again will I bellow, "Margie, grab bread and milk! I'll get the beer and chips!" while fighting the babushka-wearing old ladies at Wegman's on the day before a storm. I will be ready but I'm not gonna do it. I won't be....

Crap! EPAWA just released the first call for the Super Bowl Sunday storm! Gotta get my iPad and compare the NAM with the European 12Z... It's gonna be a long night.....

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