Thursday, June 06, 2013

How to save a life- It's National CPR and AED Awareness Week!

The scene is traumatic and scary- people milling around, nobody knows what to do- a person is lying on the ground, not moving. Someone said they called 9-1-1 but you don't hear sirens and the clock is ticking. Will you be the one to help save a life?

A person's chances of dying in this situation increase with every second between the collapse and when someone intervenes.

That someone can be you. You can help save a life.

Just by pressing hard and fast, to the beat of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees, you give the person a chance to live. Every minute down without attention, a person's chances decrease by ten percent- a person down a minute has a 90% chance of survival, while a person down only five minutes has a 50% chance of surviving. Every minute is vital.

But you say you don't want to kiss someone? Ewwww, germs and disease? You don't have to- just doing compressions- hands only CPR -has been proven to be very effective in saving lives but it's up to you.

Did I say "hands only?" Yes. You don't have to give breaths to be helpful.

But you're worried about being sued? Most states have "Good Samaritan" laws that protect people who offer help. For more information on these laws, listed by state, click on the graphic.

Generally, "Good Samaritan" laws state that people who assist in a medical emergency where there are no medically-trained individuals are not liable for injury or death caused to an individual. These laws vary, so check your state's laws to be sure.

  How can you save a life? Watch this video:

That's something you can do. But you'd like to do more? Contact one of these organizations for information on classes:

Giving hands-free CPR until the ambulance gets there can make the difference! Coupled with an AED and advanced medical intervention, you can give a person a chance.

That's a chance to see their loved ones again, celebrate another birthday, hold a grandchild, a chance to live. 

I teach CPR / First Aid /AED for the American Red Cross and Health and Safety Institute. One of my students called me last year and said the words that put me on top of the world- "Bill, I saved a life- I did CPR and he's gonna make it!"

My student gave someone that chance!

 Can you give that chance? Remember, it's up to you. Save a life. Learn CPR today!

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